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We're building the best LLM application platform!

We're builders, have built & scaled 5+ SAAS products (1 Exit, 4 failures). We're backed by Upekkha & have built 3 LLM apps in past 12 months. We realised that making AI Prototypes is easy; production's a nightmare.

As scale hit, we had to build a lot of internal tools to solve for Monitoring, Observability, Evaluations, A/B Testing, Caching, Prompt & Config Management, Rollouts, key management, PII redacter, etc.

We've faced these hurdles, jumped 'em, and now building the track for your smooth sprint from demo to production. Honestly, we're solving our own itch & for the first time playing our own game! Join

Monks on a mission!

We geek out on Twitter, host an AI podcasts for devs, spearhead a Bengaluru AI group, craft side AI projects for fun, and host a prompt contest. Catch us on our discord!

Abhinav Rai

Swiss-Knife / CEO, Ex-GoJek, 2X Founder

Aman Kumar

Code Ninja / CTO, Prototype Prodigy, 2X Founder

Darin Menezes

Design Wunderkind


Product Engineer

Satvik Khandelwal

Founder's Office


These are our codes, the non-negotiables!

Grit & Initiative

Problem First, Solution Second

Mission Alignment

Are Straightforward

Action Biased

Work-Life balance

Systematic Mindset

Aren't Assholes!




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