FOMO is real and our updates are fire πŸ”₯



Sep 15, 2023

Dreamboat 1.0

Ready, Set, Launch! πŸš€


βœ… Easy to Create Prompts in Playground

βœ… Prompt Management

βœ… Versioning Support

βœ… OpenAI Function Support

βœ… Run all Scenarios at once

πŸ•’ AI Co-Pilot to craft better prompts

πŸ•’ Support for Llama-2, Anthropic

πŸ•’ Test Cases & Quantitative Evaluation

πŸ•’ Auto-Generated Annotations in History Tracking


βœ… Realtime logs

βœ… 3 Custom Metadata & Filters

πŸ•’ Observability over Chain

πŸ•’ Visualize & Share your runs

πŸ•’ Add a run to testing dataset


βœ… Monitor Spending w.r.t 15+ filters

βœ… Application level usage statistics

βœ… Feedback Collection

βœ… Error Analytics

βœ… User Analytics

βœ… 15+ filters

βœ… Analyze Traffic peaks

βœ… Track Latency patterns

Testing & Eval (Coming Soon)

πŸ•’ Dataset Curation

πŸ•’ Evaluate Chain Performance

πŸ•’ AI-Assisted Evaluation

πŸ•’ Easy Benchmarking

Middleware Tools (Coming Soon)

πŸ•’ Caching

πŸ•’ A/B Testing

πŸ•’ Fallbacks

πŸ•’ Retries

πŸ•’ Key Provider Vault

πŸ•’ PII Remover

πŸ•’ Omit Logs

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